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If you would like to add more value to your business or your home in an eco-friendly fashion, and also in an affordable and smarter fashion, then solid hardwood flooring is one consideration that you would have to give some serious thought to. Solid hardwood is one that is definitely natural, recyclable and renewable, hence making it the best and the smartest choice for any home owner. These hardwood floors rarely need any kind of repair, maintenance work or replacements to be made, thus saving lots of money for you.

It is possible to give your home or business a quick facelift by installing hardwood flooring. Such wooden flooring was once regarded as a luxury, but now these are the best choices, when looking for flooring options that are cost effective, trendy and one that comes with a top quality assurance. So if you are a person who is longing for a floor upgrade, then these kinds of flooring would be your best bet since this luxury is now made available for you too.

You can now install these floorings in many compositions and patterns which are appealing to your creative sense. You can get the desired outcome by using various types of wood or by combining more than one type of wood finish. You can even uniquely customize your wooden floor to match your interior décor.

The most widely used solid hardwood flooring amongst homeowners is the red oak. It is the best type of wood that is quite rich with coarse grains and certainly one that resists all sorts of wear. A more durable alternative would be the white oak which is brownish to greyish in color, has similar grains to that of the red selection.

There is also maple wood to do your hardwood flooring. Maple wood is also available in brown and white shades. The white maple wood is one that has a consistent color across the wood with clear grains, while the brown variety has different shades of brown in one single section of the wood itself. The brown maple hardwood is something that lots of home owners look for because it can definitely bring about an extremely unique pattern and finish to their hardwood floors.

Such solid hard wood flooring is much more durable and cost effective, but the expense of one wood to another and the durability of one to another definitely would vary.



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