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Hardwood floors have been a well-known addition to home construction for many years. Certainly, one of the popular types which is both eye-catching and long lasting is oak wood flooring. Solid oak wood floor is a great alternative because it is so tough and works well in areas that have a lot of traffic. But there are some things you should be aware of before selecting your hardwood flooring.

Why do not consider an engineered hardwood floor?

You can still have that hardwood warmth and elegance with an engineered floor. This type of hard wood flooring is made by bonding several layers of wood under high pressure.

Engineered wood floors still provide warmth and appeal of hardwood. This manufactured hardwood flooring is consists of multiple plies of wood bonded together making a sturdy piece of flooring.

The main advantages of putting in a good engineered oak floor are:

– A considerably more affordable price. Substantially less expensive than the usual solid oak wood floor.

– Easy installation. The installation of engineered wood flooring is one thing that most of the do-it-yourself homeowners can handle. The planks come in different sizes and they are interlocking.

– An outstanding wood engineered floor can provide the same look as a solid oak wood floor.

– Stability in different temperatures and levels of humidity.

And naturally, there can be also disadvantages. Engineered wood flooring is often quite easily spoiled by scratches which harm the finish. Since these types of planks are just plywood they do not have the exact durability along with the sturdiness of a solid oak wood floor.

Solid Oak Wood Floor

Any kind of oak wood flooring can simply improve the dullest looking area as well as create a particular atmosphere of luxury to your household. However this high-quality product comes with a substantial cost because not only is it necessary to pay for the expense of the actual wood flooring, you will also need to take into account the price of professional installation. Contrary to engineered flooring, typically the installing of solid wood floors really should not be done by non-professionals.

Solid oak wood floors are likely to be susceptible to changes in room temperatures as well as air-borne moisture.

During the hot and humid periods of the summer season the wood floor pieces will actually swell up resulting into expansion. Throughout the winter, it will be much colder and also the air inside the house is a lot drier than the summer which in turn will cause small spaces appearing in between the individual planks because the wood contracts.

As a result of this hardly visible movement of the oak wood floor, considerations should be made throughout the installation which is the reason why it is most effectively taken care of by a professional floor coverings specialist.

Oak is very dense wood and that is surely the reason why it is durable enough for use in almost every room inside your home. Furthermore, good quality oak wood floors, if carefully maintained may virtually withstand for years. You have the opportunity to restore its overall look because a solid oak wood floor is in many cases refinished down the road.

Therefore which type of flooring is best for your family?

In many cases, especially in the course of a recession, money is the main consideration on people’s minds when selecting an oak wood floor. Thus, the engineered floor is without a doubt probably the most affordable choice. That being said, if you are able to manage it, solid oak wood floors are suitable and as time passes offers the best value. It is all up to you, which means become a wise consumer.Observe what is obtainable and discover all you possibly can concerning oak wood floors before settling on a purchase.



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