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To be able to lengthen the floor finish’s life span, you must know the proper way to take care of it. Luxury vinyl flooring provides easy maintenance as compared to other types of flooring but utmost care and proper cleaning tools are needed. Vinyl is a well-known floor covering that is tough and easy to install. It is also cheap and comes in different styles, from the patterned colours to designs that closely resemble actual materials like wood and marble.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is comprised of vinyl, fibreglass, and dyes. It is made in layers from the top layer, middle ( padded part ), to the back covering. Vinyl can be inlaid or imprinted. Inlaid vinyl is made from coloured particles from top to bottom of the raw material while the printed one is the vinyl type in which the design is a lot like a laminated image with a transparent top covering. Depending on the production of the vinyl, necessary care needs to be observed to unharm the floor finish.

Listed below are some cleaning tips that you must consider when taking care of your luxury but cheap vinyl flooring.

Prevention is always a lot better than cure so be strict in keeping all the dirt away from the floor as much as possible. Doormats can assist you keep these undesirable elements from your home. Sands and pebbles that adhere to your shoes may act as sandpaper that can be rub against the floor finishing. With a doormat to dust off the shingles from your footwear, you can avoid these from getting in to your house.

You can use shampoo to clean off hairspray accumulation on your vinyl floor. Mix the shampoo with water and put it in a spritz bottle. Squirt lightly on the floor and wipe off with a dust mop.

Although, you have a doormat to keep off the dirt and dust that comes from the outside, some debris can still enter and accumulate in your flooring. Sweep the dirt from the floor consistently to prevent it from harming your vinyl floor. If dirt cannot be rid off by a broom or vacuum, make use of a mop dampened on lukewarm water. When dealing with a stain, apply a stain remover that is specifically intended for luxury vinyl flooring. Avoid products that can harm the finishing such as acetone, solvent and ammonia.

Avoid using an excessively soaked mop, especially over the vinyl tiles. Excess water can get through the seams and cracks, that may destroy glue bonds that hold the vinyl tiles to the base flooring.



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