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The tree has a height of 35m-40m with a wide crown. The origin of the tree is Burma, the Himalayas and western China, in Bulgaria exists around the entire country. Walnut tree ages up to 400 years, with incredibly useful timber which hardness is 680 kg /m3. Walnut parquet has a solid structure of wood fibers. It is extravagant and classical wood flooring.

Aside from its various shades, based on the origin of the tree, it alters its color from light gray to green-brown. The color of the flooring can be changed by light in the room. Walnut wood comes mostly from America. American walnut flooring possesses a darker shade of nuance which is more expressive and vivid than European walnut parquet.

The walnut tree is comprised of sapwood and core. The core is dark-brown; sapwood is light-gray, brown in color and also has an excellent structure. The color of the wood varies from light to dark tonality. Heart-shaped rays are narrow they usually differ only in the radial incisions. The yearly rings are clearly visible. They are organized in waves. The wood is tough and strong with an attractive texture and with different hues. It is very easy to handled and polished. It is resistant to deformation and cracks. When kiln dried up, the color of walnut turns into gray-brown, and if it is kiln dried in a chamber, it will be red-brown.

Walnut wood flooring is characterized with its different shades of brown. Coverage of the colors absolutely fit into any kind of decoration. The wonderful design and high stability of this material will make your interior more appealing. Its surface is handled with varnish or oil, in order to avoid any damages of the timber. Walnut timber is subjected to thorough selection and quality control throughout the production process.

Natural Wood flooring can significantly improve the luxury and warmth of any homes. It provides not only a unique atmosphere and beauty but it also is easier to maintain and long-lasting than any other forms of floor covers.



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