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If you are uncomfortable looking at your own decks and fences becoming shady and gray, you can pressure wash them yourself! First things first, you must determine your task. Get the proper equipment and tools ready for use. After that develop a method for cleaning that will keep tabs on exactly what direction the patio or deck drains and move all of the fragile objects that you can. Other items such as windows and fixtures that can be broken by the strong pressure washer should be avoided. Ensure that you direct your spray in a way that is congruent with your current plan.

Choose a tip: generally the 15 percent or the “white tip” for the job. The tips put unto the end of the wand that is securely attached to the pressure washer by a high pressure hose pipe. The tip you use and the PSI of your pressure washer decides the water pressure, the smaller the opening the more power is going to be delivered. You should use a pressure washer with a PSI of 2400 to 2600 for decks as the wood is quite fragile which enables it to be splintered easily. More skillful contractors can use a higher psi. Using a stronger unit helps you to do jobs a lot faster but you have to be far more careful.

Whenever using a pressure washer it is essential to put on gloves and protective eyewear before you start using your pressure washer. Also, check out if all hoses are tight and not leaking water; a loose hose can turn into a projectile that can hurt you or break glass or other valuable items.

Start with the unit and check the spray. Get started by working away from the wood after which slowly fan the wand in the direction of the starting point from a couple feet away. Render a few practice passes fanning in and out until you finally have the right distance to clean but not splinter the wood. Do it slow, fanning actions to wash the deck of most gray and algae. In the case you are going to use a cleaner, it is advisable to use a bio-degradable product to not to interfere with the grass or plants around the deck.

After you have completely cleaned out the deck allow 24-48 hours for the deck to dry up before applying the stain. This is the most important part of the method. After an intensive beating from the pressure washer the wood is like new and the pores are open again. You must allow the wood to dry. Otherwise you’ll be setting your staining up for failure because it is not going to effectively take to the wet wood.

Source: Unlimited Professional Services



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