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Mirage hardwood floors are having great attention from the homeowners nowadays. Most people are keen to find out more about this certain flooring. Mirage hardwood floors come in more than 50 shades and styles. The products range from traditional oak, maple wood floors to unique tropical woods. These kinds of floors are generally pre-finished. They have durable polyurethane and can keep them for several years. Mainly, these floors can be classified into 3 main types, i.e. solid or classic, engineered and locking. The manufacturer of mirage floors is Boa-Franc. It is a Canadian company that provides a line of products to maintain the floors.

Let’s find out more about the styles available in the market. There exists a variety of domestic wood species under the classic selection. You can find American Cherry, American Walnut, Beech, Maple, Yellow Birch, White Ash and Red Oak. You can also obtain wide planks with unique and stained coatings. In case you prefer engineered collection, you can also select Breza, Santos Mahogany, Koubari, Brazilian Cherry and Sapele. All the engineered products possess a four-sided micro-V bevel. The majority of them are radiant heat approved. If you are planning to save your money on installation labor, you are advised to get a Mirage locking. It is a glueless floating hardwood flooring system. You can set up this kind of flooring independently however your choices are limited. You can only choose maple, red oak and Sapele.

Numerous homeowners are desperate to know whether this type of flooring is simple to maintain or not. In fact, it can be cleaned easily. You simply need to sweep the floor daily to get rid of the dirt and grime. However, you are reminded to keep sand and water off from this flooring. Sand will certainly scratch the finish and the watermarks will be left. To be able to keep the floor at tip-top condition, you are suggested to apply Mirage cleaning solution on the microfiber mop pad and mop it towards the grain of the wood. If you have scratches on the floor, You can simply cover it by using the Mirage Touch Kit’s wax kit. In short, maintaining this type of flooring is just an easy task.

For homeowners that are interested to change new flooring, you may consider Mirage flooring for your home sweet home after knowing so much information about it.



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