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Taking Care Of Your Wooden Floors

Taking Care Of Your Wooden Floors

A floor made of wood is really elegant in a home and we must take extra care to prevent the floors from getting damaged. Cleaning wooden floors are quick and easy. Plus there are lots of commercially available cleaning products specifically made for wood.

Protective Maintenance
1. Daily sweeping of your floors, use smooth bristled broom.
2. Regular vacuuming may get dirt and sand. They can also scratch your floors,
3. Do not wipe wood floors with a damp mop or wet rug.
4. Water is the worst enemy of wood floors. When you see spilled water, wipe it instantly with dry mops and rugs. Don’t let the water stand in.
5. Make use of doormats on every door’s entrances. Clean them always.
6. Ask your current wood floor manufacturer on just what special treatments should you use on your floor simply because there are different wood floor finishes.
7. Sunlight can harm your wooden floors. It can discolor your floor and age it quickly. Preserve your floor by installing curtains, drapes, or blinds on every single window in your home.
8. Do not drag your furniture because it can scratch and damage your wood floors. If you want to move it, you may put furniture pads beneath it or lift it.
9. Heavy shoes and high heels can dent your floors.

Types of Wood Floors

Solid Flooring
Solid floors are good for customization, it is available in finished or unfinished.

Engineered Flooring
A wood floor that consists of 3-5 layers of wood. It is more stable than solid floors.

Acrylic Impregnated Flooring
Great for business and high traffic areas, the acrylic impregnated wood floors are incredibly durable and hard. The wood is injected with acrylic that seals it and makes it really tough.

Not Your Typical Wooden Floors
1. Laminated Floors – this is a cheap and most recognized flooring nowadays. The installation and cleaning is very simple.
2. Cork Floors – easy to set up, hypo-allergenic, and are environment-friendly. It is also an affordable choice. Cork floors are great insulators. It is also rot-free and resistant to moisture since it contains Suberin. Given that corks are softer than hardwood floors, it is in fact suitable for the reason that it is one of the noise-free floors existing today.
3. Bamboo Floors – a very beautiful and cheap flooring. It is also very durable and long-lasting. It is a smooth floor but actually harder. Since bamboos re grasses, it makes them eco-friendly. They also grow rapidly and tall.
4. Antique Wood Floors – one of the popular alternative for wood floors. It gives off a unique appeal in your house. They are reasonably priced.

When selecting your wooden floors, consider first the design of your home and your budget. You might want to do some research on what type of floors you would want in your house. There are also a variety of colors to choose from.




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