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Hand-scraped hardwood floors is a lot like classical wood floors for the reason that it is available in different widths, is placed using the exact same procedures, and is also a natural product that needs much of the same care. What distinguishes this kind of flooring is the finish. While there are alternatives now that are scraped by machine, true hand-scraped hardwood flooring is textured manually with various wood working tools to produce the effect of a warm, aged floor. The finish can often be described as rustic, but has grown to be more popular in many modern homes to add a bit of warmth and appeal that will offset other home furniture. Many individuals prefer hand-scraped for the beautiful aged look of reclaimed flooring with the safety assurance of modern day urethanes.

What are the benefits of this hardwood floor ?

Perhaps the advantage most is, it was enjoyed by owners of hand-scraped hardwood flooring and also is the strength of the finish and its potential to hide and suppress imperfections. Traditional hardwood floors that contain a smooth, silky finish will expose every dent, scrape, and ding, making the floors simply look shabby and in need of repair if they are not carefully taken care of. Hand-scraped floors are incompetent by design and therefore disguise additional mishaps that could otherwise be obvious. This will make these floors a perfect option for families with pets as their nails are often a detriment to a fine finished wood floors.

If damage to a hand-scraped floor is visible, the repair involved can often be a do-it-yourself job. Color-matched repair kits can be found from most home improvement stores and include an easy to follow instructions. The repair usually involves cleaning and preparing the area to be repaired, using the color-matched stain, and finally using a protective top coat. Due to the random and unique finish of this kind of floor, the repair do not need to be absolutely perfect for it to suit with the rest of the floor.

There are instances, of course, where damage in several areas or a gouge that is too deep requires the expertise of a skilled flooring contractor. In these cases, someone with experience can check the damage and make recommendations for repair, including estimated costs.

People that have pets, small children, or anyone that likes a cozy, aged look would be doing themselves a favor by looking into hand-scraped hardwood flooring. The unique texture produces a truly one of a kind floor that is sure to gain compliments.



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