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Cherry hardwood floors are rapidly becoming one of the most popular flooring alternatives worldwide. There are so many options available to everyone considering installing a hardwood floor. Based on the color, durability, grain and etc., there is certainly a kind of wood that will suit almost any need. One kind of wood that has been earning particular popularity is cherry. Cherry hardwood floors are recognized for their dark warms tones and beauty. There are two major types of cherry hardwood floors available on the market these days, American and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors. This article will check out both types.

American cherry hardwood floors are easy to identify because of their orange and light colors. American cherry hardwood floors are not that firm compared to other traditional hardwood floors like hickory and maple; they are not ideal for high traffic areas. They are perfect for areas that experience minimal usage. American cherry hardwood floors are typically expensive; however this unique hardwood floor makes more than up for it with its exotic and attractive looks.

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors are not really from cherry trees but from a tree generally known as “jatoba”. It is referred to as Brazilian cherry hardwood floor because it appears to be like American cherry wood. Brazilian cherry is more durable and strong than American cherry; therefore it has no restrictions on what kind of environments it may be installed in. The truth is that, many industry experts and Brazilian cherry hardwood floor owners argue that it is one of the hardest and sturdiest hardwood floors available. Brazilian cherry hardwood floors have an attractive rich color and unique graining pattern that are quite suitable for many buyers. Furthermore, Brazilian cherry is a lot cheaper than its American counterpart.

Even though American and Brazilian cherry hardwood floors have their own distinctions, they also do get along when combine together. Many manufacturers have decided to create a combination of these two diverse woods in one flooring system. By combining the two species that literally grew thousands of miles apart can create an extremely good looking floor that is affordable, durable and elegant. Mainly, you will get the best features of each cherry hardwood floor. Mixed cherry hardwood flooring offers a warm feel of red tones that go well together and create a great relaxing room.

By simply installing a floor of cherry is not enough. This must be taken care of regularly to maintain its dark and rich good looks. Some common safety measures like not dragging around furniture on the bare floor or laminating it to prevent damage from footwear, needs to be applied. Every once in a while if a flooring made of cherry wood is polished or varnished, its life span will extend by a great deal. Regular care and precautions will ensure that your dark cherry hardwood floors last long. In the end, all it takes to keep something beautiful is a bit of effort and a lot of care.



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