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Have you been searching for a way to improve your house? Are you the same with other people, tired of maintaining your carpet clean? If it is true, you should consider upgrading it to teak wood flooring. Even if you do not want to make an adjustment inside but you want the outdoor look like wood flooring then maybe you should try a whole new wooden deck.

What is teak wood?

Teak wood is a yellowish brown wood grew mainly in India, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia. It possesses good grains and texture and is applied mostly in case weather resistance is required; making teak wood suitable for indoor and outdoor modifications. Teak lumber is easily worked, and still solid, making it desirable for woodworkers. However, teak lumber is widely known for its durability and endurance through the altering of seasons. It is resistant to all types of weather, keeping its glow through any hardships due to its natural oils. The wood does not turn into brittle and is convenient in exposed locations, because its wood can also prevent termites and pests from entering the surface.

Where is teak wood used for?

Teak lumber was originally designed for furniture because of the strength and beauty it offers. One of its latest found uses is cutting boards and butcher blocks. It is also widely used for making doors and window frames. Teak wood flooring and decking are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. Teak wood flooring is gaining popularity in society because of its elegant, economical, and easy to maintain material. Teak wood flooring goes well with any decor and is a lot easier to keep clean than carpet. If you conduct experiment, you would discover that carpet needs replacing many times over than teak wood flooring. If you are worried about the cost, teak wood flooring is actually cheaper to install than tile or other flooring materials.

Most people nowadays love to throw parties on their brand new decks to exhibit it to their friends and families; but eventually they come to a problem that the wood is starting to become less appealing. This is one of the reasons why so many people have switched to teak lumber for their wood decks. Teak wood has been proven to endure and maintain its beauty over any other types of wood. It is durable in almost any weather. In addition, its prevention for pest makes it perfect for outdoor stability.

Worried about the environmental condition of teak trees?

The common misunderstanding about wood flooring is that most of the trees that are being cut down from their natural habitats and becoming extinct. However, teak trees grow on plantations. Regions are selected for their soil and rainfall average. Ideal growing conditions enable businesses to cultivate teak trees without using irrigation or fertilizer. Because of this, they can produce top-quality teak trees with minimal impact on the environment.



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