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Installing antique wood flooring is quite a complicated task. You have to ensure that you install it properly, or else it will turn into a big mess instead of becoming excellent wood flooring. You should consider how long you will be storing the wood before setting it up. This is very important because if the wood is stored for too long in a harsh environment, it can become warped. So make sure to store the wood in a clean dry area at the proper temperature, just about 65 to 75 degrees. Next, you should prepare the floor for installation; make sure to remove any debris and carpeting. As well, be sure that the floor is level, clean and dry for installation. This step of pre-installation is just one of the most important and so few actually know the relevance of this step in the installation process.

Antique wood flooring is done by the glue-down method, or it can be nailed down using large nailing machines, which nail the single board to the floor. Once you have prepared the flooring and nailed it down, it is the time to sand. You must be careful during this process, since you do not want to over sand and cause damage to the antique wood flooring, gently sand until it has smooth finish. After that you must clean it to remove any dust from the sanding process, making use of a duster or a vacuum. Then you are ready for the finishing process, which is the final touch in making your antique wood flooring gorgeous and shining. There are various finishes to apply, and most people choose the look of the unstained version of the wood due to its natural beauty.

After your finish has been applied, the floor needs to be dried, and you are ready to move the furniture into the room. The installation process is something that you must pay a lot of attention to, because it can transform the whole look of your room. You have to read all the instructions and follow them carefully. Without following the proper guidelines for installation, you may end up with a generally bad experience that may cost you more than its worth. If you cannot find the right guidelines on how to install you can get in touch with a professional, or go online to find the needed information.

Notes on Installation

Though antique wood flooring is beautiful, it does not come without a price. The installation fee can be a bit expensive, like most wood floors. But, this is something you can expect because of the hard work and care involved in the process. When hiring someone to install antique wood flooring in your home, be sure to browse about the different service providers before zeroing in on the one that can give you the best offer on installation. Make sure that they are a well-trusted company. All of this should give you with a wonderful floor that you are sure to love and will be keep on loving for years to come.



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