What Is the Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Kitchen Designs?

The words “contemporary kitchen” and “modern kitchen” are sometimes used synonymously. While this is not an issue in normal conversation, it may cause misunderstanding when speaking with architects or interior designers. At Tremblay Renovations, we understand that the term modern has come to signify current for a large number of people. As do the majority of our visitors, we use the phrases interchangeably on our website.

To get to the heart of design talk, use a capital M. Modern is a word that only refers to the early to middle 20th century. In this style, people celebrated mass-produced materials and clean lines. It was a new type of design that had never been thought of before. Glass, steel, and concrete could now be made in larger amounts and with the machine-made precision that was previously not possible. A new idea came to designers: They could push the boundaries in a way that hadn’t been possible before. A lot of people were surprised by this change in style. It still has an effect on the designs that we enjoy today, even though it was a long time ago.

A modern kitchen refers back to the early to mid-twentieth century.

This type of kitchen is called a contemporary kitchen because it is very up-to-date. When it comes to modern design, it adapts to the world around it. It grows and changes as we do, and it takes ideas from new technology as well as old styles. Lowercase m modern kitchens are what we call these kitchens on our site.

What Specifies a Contemporary Kitchen in the Present Day?

At this point in time, modern kitchens play with texture, colour, symmetry, and asymmetry in a fun way. Clean lines and a pared-back shape are common. This means that in modern kitchens, both function and form are important. The most important things are ergonomics, more storage space, and easy access to everything in and out of the kitchen.

Clean Lines

Clean lines keep the view of the kitchen clear and make the whole place look tidy and harmonious. There are many different types of serving ware and vases that can be added to your home to give it a little colour or show off a short-lived design trend that you like. Clean lines are created by the same door heights and the same number of cupboards or drawers in a row. There are simple door profiles like a flat “slab” style or V groove doors for a painted finish or flat laminate doors that don’t need to be fussed with.

Handle Choices

Handles with simple profiles or recessed lip-pulls also help to keep things simple. If you don’t like handles, look at a J groove door with an integrated “handle” or “grip area” that you can use to open it. When you push to open doors and drawers, there’s the least weight on your body. Manual options use a magnetic catch that is spring-loaded. Electric options need only the lightest touch and are great for people with arthritis and other health problems.


There are so many ways to add colour to modern kitchens. Minimalist kitchens often have just one colour, whereas other styles have two or three.


Modern kitchens can be made to fit in all kinds of places. The layout of your kitchen will be mostly determined by how much space you have. Most kitchen layouts are called L shaped, U shaped, G shaped, or galley-style (two benches or banks of cabinets in parallel). Your designer will tell you which layout to choose to get the most storage and access.

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