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How To Create a Budget for a Home Renovation Project: Tips and Ideas

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Have you lived with rooms or features in your home that you and your family don’t like anymore because you didn’t have enough money to fix them?

We have a plan for that – so don’t worry.

Home improvement projects can improve your life and raise your home’s value when you want to sell. Many people making home improvements for the first time can easily get carried away and spend much more than they’d planned. Read on to find out how to set a budget for home improvements so you can be happy with the finished project (and how it affects your wallet).

Set a Plan

Choose a plan and stick to it. Both parts of this advice are easier to say than to do, but both are important. The more you stick to your plan, the less you’ll have to pay for things which come up at the last minute. Make a list of the project goals you need to reach plus the ones you want to reach. Choose the renovations you can do immediately and put the rest aside for your next project.

The Right People Matter

Put the right person in charge of each task. It can seem like a good way to save money by hiring a friend, but if the contractor, designer, or worker doesn’t have the experience and skills needed, you may end up having to fix their mistakes. 

Don’t Rush the Bidding

Competition means that the homeowner has better choices. You should try to get at least three bids on your project. Look at the small things like how on time the contractor is, and how ready they are for the meeting. These might not seem important, but they can show how a worker will act on the project – which can help or hurt your budget and schedule.

Set an Upper Limit 

When you’re renovating your home, you might feel like a kid in a candy store. As a rule, you shouldn’t spend more on a room than what it’s worth to the house. You can give a room a total value based on how much space it takes up as a percentage of the entire house.

Activate Your “Over-Communicator” Mode

You are paying a lot for this project, so don’t worry about bothering your contractor. Be as clear as possible about costs and limits; then talk to your contractor often. When people talk to each other more, they understand each other better. Less confusion means a smoother, faster and better renovation for everyone.

Taking the Next Step With Your Home Renovation

The project will be better if the plan is better. But the hard part is over after you’ve narrowed down your list of goals. Working with professionals like NYCO Renovations, your project will stay on schedule and under budget.

Since 2007, NYCO Renovations has been in business. When we first started working, it was in the field of building new homes. After years of designing and building the perfect new homes for our customers, we decided that home renovations and improvements were the way to help them feel like they were in a new home.

Your home improvement experts at NYCO can help make your dreams come true if you make an appointment online or by phone. Visit us today at or give us a call at (506) 866-3996.



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