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Unfinished red oak flooring is an excellent choice for both the do-it-yourself home improvement expert as well as for contractors. If you need a certain stain to match with your kitchen cabinets, then unfinished red oak flooring might be just what you need. The best thing you will get from installing unfinished red oak flooring is that it allows you to seriously customize the look of your floor design.

Unfinished red oak flooring has been well-known to builders since quite some time and in contrast to their modern counterpart which is the pre-finished hardwood flooring, the installation of this flooring requires manual labor and skill of the highest order. Those wooden flooring is generally made out of the best qualities of oaks that are present in the market, like the red oak or the white oak. These oaks have extraordinary physical strength and thus are considered suitable for this type of flooring made of hardwood.

Unfinished red oak flooring provides a characteristic grain pattern that is definitely coarse and such flooring is available in very bright shades. This kind of flooring is expensive as the oak woods used in this flooring are also highly-priced. The installation of this kind of flooring requires skilled wood workers that must have the expertise and knowledge of how to coat such flooring. Coating the unfinished red oak flooring is a very important process, which is needed to the final finished product. These wooden panels are also to be sanded and then stained before it can be coated. Sanding, staining and coating are tedious processes that require a large period of time. When it is done with expertise, the natural beauty that is present in wood grains reveals itself. As soon as all these processes are completed by skilled wood workers, unfinished red oak flooring gives a vibrant shade.

In structures which have pre-installed wood of a certain color, unfinished wood is used to obtain the distinct color that is currently installed, as finished wood of that color may not be available. Consequently, such wood can be used to match any requirement. This wood gives extra stability, because of the sanding process carried out after fitting of these panels. Structures which get a lot of daily traffic usually want unfinished floors because of this stability factor. Unfinished red oak flooring can be easily cleaned which is not possible in pre-finished floors. Unfinished floors provide another advantage over pre-finished flooring because of the wide range of selection of size and wood.



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