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Before cleaning your wood floors, there are some certain rules that you must adhere. If you are going to follow these rules, you can prove all those wrong who claim that wood floors are hard to maintain. The methods involved in the cleaning process are very simple and do not require much hard work.

Do’s and Don’ts on Wood Floors


• Make use of rugs to cover the maximum floor area of your home. This action will prevent direct spills on the floor surface. Also, make sure to place doormats outside every doorway to be able to remove excess dirt from the outside before entering your home. This is essential because dust contains edgy particles which grit against wood boards and result in scratches. Moreover, replace wet rugs with dry ones and clean the rugs from time to time.

• Constantly practice a routine of cleaning the floor with certified wood floor cleaners. Using just any cleaner may increase the possibility of extensive wearing. Using strong stain removers can also harm the gleaming surface completely.

• Always cover the sharp edges of your furniture with protector pads. Furthermore, never ever drag your furniture around on a wooden floor. Instead of dragging it, often lift the furniture to relocate it.

• Vacuum the floor at least twice a week. Use a light brush to wipe dust and dirt off the floor. You should also clean the floor before and after gatherings.

• Use a clean soft pad to clean floor surface. You can use a partly damp cloth piece. Never use a soiled cloth to mop floor, as it may leave deep stains.

• Keep your pet’s nails cut to prevent marks on the floor.

• Woods expand and contract through seasonal changes. This long-term process usually wears and creates fissures on woods. To prevent wood from expanding or contracting during winters and summers apply humidifiers and dehumidifiers alternately.


• Never use a wet mop to sweep wood floors. Refrain from using liquid soap, harsh detergents or acid products to clean the floors. If you do so, serious floor damage may result from de-lamination, warping, swelling and joint-line disintegration. Also, never use chlorine or ammonia or steel wool to wipe off stains.

• Do not let liquid spills to accumulate on the floor. Mop them up immediately, as liquids are devilishly corrosive.

• Do not also allow nail polish, ink or paints and markers to stain the floor. Apply acetone or nail polish removers to get rid of the stain in the area.

• Do not leave wax and gum stains unattended. To eliminate wax or gum, you should apply ice cubes first to the area. This will harden the area. After that, you can use a plastic scraper to dislodge it. Be careful not to scratch the surface, though.

• Floor mats with hard rubber backs must not be put on the floor. Use soft vinyl based mats.

The longevity of your wood floors will never be a problem if you clean them consistently. Remember, if you do not use recommended products and tools to maintain your floors, this may cause considerable wear. Your warranty will be considered null and void if your installer finds out that you have not been following the recommendations and guidelines. This is why you have to read the manual supplied by your installer carefully to find safe wood cleaners.



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