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What is White Roofing?

White roofing

Known simply as “cool roofing,” this process is designed to reduce the solar radiation absorbed, which means less heat is transferred inside the building. White roofing also emits some heat usually retained by a building, cooling it further. White roofs can help keep building temperatures as much as 35 degrees cooler, saving vast amounts of energy and money spent on air conditioning.

10 benefits of white roofing

10 Benefits of White Roofing

  • Up to a 20% drop in energy costs
  • Thermal Shock Damage Reduction
  • Keeps the Building at a Cooler Temperatures
  • UV Degradation Resistant (unlike black roofs)
  • Reduces pollution in the air and greenhouse gas emissions
  • All Temperature Ranges are Supported
  • Building Energy Standards and Green Energy Programs
  • Forms a Seamless Tough Membrane Keeping Roof Leaks at Bay
  • Directly adheres to existing surfaces
  • Enhances the Lifespan of the roof

The reduction in cooling costs and the roof’s lifetime extension are two of the most significant advantages. WGYC White Roofing has the advantage of not requiring the removal of the existing roof. The reflective coating applies to an existing structure.

WGYC‘s acrylic and silicone applications are flexible and durable, sealing the entire surface, including cracks or crevices. If you would like to learn more about our white roof coatings, please call us today at (613)-325-5535.



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