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Engineered wood flooring is an excellent flooring option. There are many downside stories around the world about those people who have attempted to install their own hardwood floors. Between ripping up the worn-out flooring, installing a sub-floor then going through the process of nailing it down, sanding and finishing the floor surface, people think as if they have already been in a war. The two options that you can use instead of experiencing all of this, is by using laminate flooring or engineered flooring.

Although laminate flooring is a practical and less expensive option, it will not provide you with the exact same appearance of hardwood floors that engineered flooring will. It is because engineered flooring is real hardwood flooring that has already been prepared. Instead of getting what is generally a paper and wood flakes, you should have a genuine wood floor.

Engineered wood flooring is real hardwood flooring. It is actually the most expensive of all of the three alternatives that you have for hardwood floor surfaces, however it is a true hardwood floor and does not need as much work involved as a regular hardwood floor. It is more durable than laminate hardwood floor. It can be fixed after scratches and dings unlike laminate hardwood floor.

The ease and convenience of installing this kind of flooring over regular hardwood flooring is really worth the price for many DIY homeowners. Rather than having to rip up your old floor and place a sub-floor to secure the flooring, it is possible to put this type of flooring down right over top of your existing flooring. This will save you loads of work.

Not just that, you also do not need to go through the trouble of sanding and finishing the floor. Because it is already done, you will not have the risk of destroying the floor with a rough finish or have to worry about the pets running across the floor before the finish is dry. These are some of the interesting benefits that more than justify the price.

If you select the thicker pieces, they will cost you a bit more, but you can avoid the necessity to do all of the manual work of nailing down the floor. The ½” pieces can be installed by gluing them down and the 5/8″ pieces can be placed by either gluing them down or installed as floating floor. In any case, it is quicker and easier than wasting your day on your hands and knees with a hammer. Engineered flooring will give you both the look of hardwood flooring and the ease of installation that laminate flooring offers.



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