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Different types of Solid Wood Flooring

If you are searching to buy a solid wood floor, you might be likely to be either pleased and confused by the wide variety of selections on the market. All wooden floors are a natural, beautiful component of your house which will improve the value of your home a provide you with satisfaction for a lot of years to come.

However what type should you choose? There are a number of types and material types available for homeowners to select from. Which you pick is determined by your unique needs as well as tastes.

Various types of solid wood floors

Tongue and grooved, Square edged last but not least Parquet. They are surely all made from Solid wood however are machined into diverse formats:

Tongue and grooved: Planks/strips with edges which have been machined to have a tongue as well as groove interlock which makes installation less difficult. Life of the floor is due to the tongue typically 8mm.

Square edged: Planks/strips without tongue and groove, not as simple to set up but will last permanently as it could be sanded over. Comes in very wide widths as well as in better thicknesses. Was the original form of wooden flooring but has generally ended up changed by tongue and groove boards, because of the additional costs involved in setting up.

Parquet floors are smaller blocks of wood installed into an attractive design. Possibly machined with tongue and groove edges or may be sold in panels that have been manufacturing plant created using a mesh or perhaps paper backing.

These types can be found in a vast selection of widths, lengths and also grades.

Strip flooring is the narrower widths usually around 57mm to 110mm although Plank Flooring is from110mm to 260mm.

The width and also length will have an effect on the visual aspect of your floor. Getting a lot of narrow boards in a compact room could make the room look to busy or even smaller, while obtaining the right width could make the room appear bigger.

Usually the narrower as well as shorter the boards the less expensive they are since they might be cut from smaller logs. Similarly the grade impacts the price as the good the quality the more costly as these must be chosen from the best logs on the market.

There are many options of timber for solid wood flooring.

Bamboo is a well known option simply because it is ecologically friendly and also durable. Oak is among the hardest as well as most popular woods and also has a clean, smooth finish. Walnut burl has an exclusive style that will draw comments from every person who sees it, however it is additionally very costly. Pine, while softer than various other woods, is a well known option due to its detail and elegance.

Other woods incorporate Maple and Beech each light in color and also frequently related to contemporary homes. Elm even though more difficult to get is a stunning floor with a very exclusive grain.

The type of floor you decide is determined by which room of the home you will be renovating as well as your lifestyle.

No matter what types of solid wood floor you choose, you may rest easy acknowledge that your option will a beautiful, nicely loved section of your house for years to come.

There are many other things to consider so make sure you read our page on the pros and cons of solid wood flooring.

Different types of Solid Wood Flooring

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