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Choosing a Hardwood Floor – Hardness Matters

With regards to maintaining your hardwood floor, hardness is a characteristic you must not ignore. The first step in preserving the beauty and appeal of hardwood flooring is to determine what type of wood was used and the proper way of cleaning and taking care of the floor. Hardness affects all these factors.

First of all, you should start to by understanding the hardness of the wood floor. You should consider that the higher the traffic area the harder the wood should be, but keep in mind that maintenance and proper care also can give a big impact on the lifespan of a wood floor. Hardness is not strength. Do not compare the hardness of a wood to its strength or feel, they are totally different. Hardness is simply how well it will resist damage from the scratches, punctures or pressure.

The manufacturer of wood is also big factor. The hardness of the wood also depends on the manufacturer and the kind of tree they used to produce the wood. Although, most woods of the same species will exhibit the same hardness characteristic, there are still other factors to be consider like in some distinct manufacturers on how they create the flooring, what chemicals were used, thickness and many other factors.

There is a wood that will match for every room. Do not know what types of woods you want to use in every part of your home? Use softer woods for areas with less traffic and harder woods for areas that will need to hold up to more wear and tear. Many exotic hardwoods are not only beautiful but extremely dense and resistant to damage but keep in mind that many are endangered and the usage of woods will result to destruction of the ecology.

If you want to clean your wood floor without any sweat and have its hardness maintained and unharmed, hiring a company to do job is the first choice but it is more complicated than you could imagine. There are many factors to be considered like what equipment they will use, how much they will cost you the job and the services they provide aside from cleaning and maintaining the wood floor.



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