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White oak is not a hardwood that is white in color, or has a resemblance to any color variations that would give the impression of a white appearance. White oak derives its name from the patina of the wood which produces a slightly darker color with much less sensitivity to light as other varieties of hardwood material while keeping all original characteristics. Actually, it emulates a pale golden brown shade, making use of all available natural and artificial light, altering colors repeatedly, giving off an amber hue, and basically enhancing the coloration of grain patterns which seem to change on a regular basis.

This wood is often selected for hardwood flooring applications because of its fine grain, stunning light to dark brown and grey colors. With four grades available, grades generally determine the price per square footage that needs to be thoroughly reviewed when considering white oak as a flooring material. Listed below are the four grades of white oak:

• Clear- Topmost grade of white taken out from the inner core of the oak tree. Free from imperfections with subtle character marks. Clear grade is also known as “Classic Grade”.
• Select Oak- Extra color variations with a few barks remaining on backs. It is generally known as “Natural Grade”.
• No 1 Common Oak- Prominent color variations and character marks. Apply in country homes or rustic cabin, log home construction because of open knots and natural dark streaks, often referred to as “Country Grade”.
• No 2 Common Oak- Lesser grade, more economically priced frequently known as “Rustic Grade”.

Regardless of what grade is selected, this flooring will still give value, appeal and style to any interior room while keeping its quality with less annual maintenance required.

Aside from the superior durability and hardness of white oak hardwood flooring material, other benefits of this excellent is it adds value and character to any environment in a way that only white oak hardwood flooring material offers. The additional benefits are as follows:

• Sandy brown color that adds beauty and warmth to any interior room
• Most affordable hardwood flooring material of all hardwood floors
• Exceptional durability and strength with resistance to fading, denting and scratching
• Soft, light color with finer visible grains
• Convenient to walk on with sound deadening qualities
• Water resistant
• Availability in solid or engineered composition to match any given budget allocation.

Tough with impeccable beauty, this material comes in un-finished, pre-finished and engineered types with associated pricing per square foot that simply compliments the natural beauty of any white oak hardwood flooring material.

The mesmerizing appearances and brilliance of white oak wood flooring is stunning in every aspect from natural color, to the beauty of wood grains, abundant throughout with inspiring characteristics.



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