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Today’s hardwood floors have a no-wax finish which makes them very easy to care for. The beauty of these floors adds elegance and warmth to any specific room that you choose to use them in. Bruce Hardwood Floors is a well-known name that can be trusted.

You can choose from two kinds of wood flooring: hardwood or laminate. Typical wood flooring is made from hardwoods that can last a lifetime. Even though these are natural wood, they come with a protective, no-wax finish. Laminate flooring is not real wood. Although, its physical appearance is not quite the quality of the natural wood floors but, it outshines them in other comparison areas.

Laminate flooring is significantly more affordable than real wood floors; however it has several advantages over the real wood. Its stain, fade and impact resistance is rated as outstanding. It is a floor that is extremely easy to maintain.

Bruce floors also are durable and can considerably increase the value of your home. These floors are made from natural products, and they do not harm the environment. Bruce Hardwood Floors come in seven available floor colors and you can choose which one is going to be use in your home. Depending on your taste and style, you can also pick one color for the entire house, or you can make use of different colors, depending on the room.

You can also choose a low, medium or high gloss for this kind of floor. There are three different types of floor treatment: distressed, hand scraped and traditional. Once you have chosen the flooring that you would like to use, you have to decide if you will lay the floor yourself or hire a professional floor layer to do the job. These floors are rated based on the difficulty of installation. The company also provides complete instructions for do-it-yourself people.

Bruce flooring is extremely easy to install. Since it does not have to be glued, you can start living on it right after the installation is finished. The planks are aligned together tightly, giving it a seamless appearance. If you want to change the flooring for a different type of wood design or color, you can remove it easily. Once it is laid, this will certainly increases the value and adds elegance to your home.



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