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Bamboo flooring is quite different from other typical wood flooring. It can be sometimes classified as exotic wood flooring; however it is becoming more and more popular. Technically, bamboo is manufactured flooring. It is almost, but not quite the same as engineered flooring. You cannot get a long, flat plank from a bamboo tree. Instead, the bamboo is drawn off in strips, which are either solidly glued together, merged together under high pressure, or some combination of both, and then is formed into planks.

Becoming a Sustainable Resource Increases Its Appeal

Bamboo is a fast-growing tree. Trees used to produce this natural kind of flooring usually takes up to 3 or 7 years from planting until they are ready to harvest. When a tree is cut down the root is left behind, and the tree will begin to grow again immediately.

Light and Modern – Some probably is in favor of Modern

Depending on the direction of the grain, a bamboo floor can have an incredibly clean, modern look, especially if it is left unstained, or it can have a look showing a bit more character. This kind of flooring is perfect if it is use with lighter, modern furnishings. Bamboo flooring comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It may not be as rich and warm looking as some other hardwoods; however it is easy to install. Aside from specially prepared types, bamboo flooring stands out favorably with other hardwood flooring in terms of cost.

Durable, Tough, Stable, and Easy to Clean

Bamboo is a very hard wood but it is a bit harder than oak and ash. A bamboo floor is much easier to clean than some types of wood flooring although it somewhat depends upon the finish of the surface. Bamboo can resist much more to moisture than other ty¬pes of hardwood, and can withstand stain as well. It is expected to hold up anywhere from 20 to 50 years, although it is no match for oak flooring in terms of longevity. If you install an oak floor, it will probably outlast your bamboo floor may or may not.



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