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Using Basic SEO In Your Blog Posts – It’s Easier Than You Think

Getting free traffic from the search engines is the principal benefit of using SEO ( search engine optimization ) for your blogs. Although the word sounds quite “techy,” it’s actually quite easy to understand a few SEO skillset to use for your blog. Put in a little time in understanding some simple SEO strategies, and you’ll reap great results from the search engines that can make it well worth the extra work.

How to Use Keywords in your Blog Posts
There’s no reason to be a SEO expert when composing content for your blog. Utilizing beginner basics can secure your blog reaping the rewards of a few free traffic from search engines rapidly. Simply doing basic keyphrase research using Google’s External Keyword Tool will help you find some good key phrases to target for your topic.

  • Google Keywords Tool Hints: To find more narrowed down specifics of your keyword selections, make sure to check “Only show ideas carefully related to my search terms” underneath the keyword search box. And also on the left sidebar, underneath Match Types, choose “Exact”. After you process your lookup, scroll down the list of word keyword phrases and try to select one ore more which are at least 1,000 monthly searches yet have low competition.

While writing your content, insert your keyword phrase in the article title, once in the first paragraph and at least one or two instances more within your article if possible ( but be cautious not to overdo it when including keywords – this can penalize you a lot more than not using keywords ). Do not get a little obsessive with your keyword phrases because this will appear as spamming to the search engines.

It’s advised that the content be your main emphasis when writing your content. The flow of your articles needs to be read smoothly and cleverly. Only use your keywords in an appropriate manner that entails the proper grammar rules. Whenever the quality of your content will take precedence over your keywords, you’ll acquire loyal readers who will certainly “enjoy” reading your content.

Remember, you’re really writing for your readers, not the search engines.



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