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Solid Wood Floor

Together with the proper care and maintenance that you must need to observe, you also have to be accurate in assessing the overall condition of your wooden floor. If your solid wood floor that has been installed a few years already looks worn out and forlorn, then you may have to make sure how well you have supplied the necessary care and maintenance.

What are the things that must be done ? Before deciding on what to do, you need to check first the overall condition of the floors finish to see whether it needs special type of cleaning or will focused more on repair.

You can try follow these guidelines in evaluating the general condition of your solid wood floor and finish :

1. Checking the condition of wood flooring finish

Confirm whether the finish of the wooden floor has already worn off or just unclean just needs a simple cleaning. Check if the floor finish is chipped, gouged, dull or scraped. To be able to determine if the finish is already worn out, you can apply 2 or 3 tablespoon of water in a place in your home considered as a high-traffic area.

If the water is easily absorbed and results in a darkened mark, then it is an indication that its finish has already been worn and the floor is vulnerable to water damage. However, if the water is not immediately soaked up and leaves a small stain on the wood surface, then the finish is just moderately worn. If you get water beads, it means that the floor finish is in good condition. Do the same the same method in the average and low traffic sections in your home to determine the overall condition of your solid wood floor.

2. Checking the condition of your wooden flooring

If the finish of the wood flooring has already been worn, then the probability is that the wood is already damaged. Search for any gouges, cuts, burns, hole, stains, warps or cracked boards. If there are indications of significant damage to your solid wood floor, repair or replacement maybe the only choice that are available for you. This should be done before you do any deep cleaning and application of maintenance coating to your solid wood floor.

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