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What Is a Wet Area in a Bathroom?

A bathroom’s tub and shower are typically wet since they are continually immersed in water. They have to contend with constant humidity and erratic weather.

It’s hardly surprising that they wear out rapidly when used constantly; cheap acrylic materials used in construction are a prime example of this problem. Even more, destruction may have occurred if neither you nor the previous owners took good care of the property.

Why Does a Wet Area Upgrade Add Value?

This produces many advantages and turns your location into a convenient hub. Installing a walk-in shower, for example, can make your home safer for seniors. Walk-in shower installation is a smart investment because it gives people of any age (or physical ability) a safe and easy way to shower. 

Modernized Washrooms

Is the bathroom often the last room in a house to get a facelift when it’s time for an update? Those fresh coats of paint in the living room dazzle, but then you realize the house’s actual age. A property’s look and resale value might take a hit if the bathrooms have outdated cabinets, fixtures or tub/shower combinations.

Boosting Availability

Updating your old tub to a walk-in shower or tub/shower combo can increase the safety of your home, especially for individuals with restricted mobility or who are more prone to slipping and falling. Having a restroom easily accessible by those with mobility impairments is a major selling point for any property.

Modifications Make an Impression

Specific rooms increase the house’s “wow” effect and make the neighbours green with envy. In this case, these are in the bathroom.

Because kitchens are the hubs of many homes, renovating them can dramatically affect the entire dwelling. Conversely, a renovated bathroom gives the impression of luxury because it is usually an afterthought confined to a closet-like space. When you enter a well-renovated bathroom, the mood of the entire home improves.

Popular Types of Wet Area Upgrades

When it comes time to update your bathroom, you have many different alternatives to choose from. Gone are the days when a slide-in tub was your only option. High-end materials including acrylic, stone, glass, and porcelain may be found in modern bathrooms.

Walk-In Shower: A walk-in shower, waterproof flooring, and other handicap-accessible amenities are all fantastic upgrades if you have elderly or disabled family members. The experts at NYCO Renovations specialize in bathroom makeovers and can help you figure out how large of a walk-in shower you need (and what extras you can add to make it safer and easier to use).

Bath Replacement: Get it changed professionally if your tub is old and outdated and is beginning to exhibit indications of natural decay. Bathtub repair is essential for older houses so as to reduce the danger of falls and accidents from wet flooring. Because of the ease with which rust and grime can grow on porcelain surfaces, renovating your bathroom should include a new tub.

Converting a Tub Into a Shower: If a bathtub is rarely used in a bathroom, removing it and installing a shower in its place gives the illusion of more space. Maximizing space is facilitated with either a quality slide-in shower or a tiled shower.

Wet Room Style Bathrooms: Wet room style bathrooms, in which the shower and tub are exposed to the room, are a popular new design choice. In a regular bathroom, the wet area is separated from the dry area by a wall; in a wet room bathroom, the whole room can get wet without any damage. NYCO Renovations uses only high-quality materials and provides a price anybody can afford. Our company consists of licensed, insured, and bonded professionals with years of expertise in the field who will enhance your home’s value, comfort, and appeal by installing high-quality, low-cost bathroom fixtures.

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom this year, call us in Moncton at (506) 866-3996 or visit online and we’ll give you a quote that will amaze you.



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