Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak Hardwood Flooring – The Exact Feel Of Nature

Red oak hardwood flooring is one of the most common hardwood flooring installed throughout the North America. With less prices per square foot, red oak hardwood flooring was considered as one of the most overpriced hardwood flooring in the past have gained renewed interest of buyers due to new introduction of lower price schedules. With new pricing per square foot, red oak hardwood flooring once again continues to lead the hardwood flooring market.

The looks of red oak hardwood flooring is amazingly beautiful; with even flow appearance and stability across the floor surface with patterns of light rays reflected in random style. Red oak hardwood flooring creates a slight red shade or tint which works very well with all interior design applications from the advanced to contemporary. The pattern of this flooring is unlike any other hardwood flooring material because of open porous grains revealing the true qualities of this flooring, further increasing the demand.

Of all installation practices and availability of this kind of hardwood flooring material, the nailed down, 2-1/4″ strips often referred to as “shorts”, remains the most desired selection. Even though this flooring is available in other styles like engineered and laminate, red oak hardwood flooring continues to out-sell all other styles by a wide margin.

Depending on styles of finishes, pre-finished red oak hardwood flooring provides a wide range of color selections that has turn into yet another popular feature of this kind of flooring. The demand for unfinished red oak hardwood flooring remains high however requires professional installation and finishing which increases the overall cost per square foot. Furthermore, sanding the unfinished flooring material often produces dust no matter what precautions taken however is kept minimal with specialized sanding equipment. Advocates of the solid “nailed down” flooring installation are strongly convinced that unfinished material is by far better than pre-finished material enabling finishing options unavailable by any other finishing means. After all, whether installing pre-finished or unfinished hardwood flooring material, all pros and cons of each installation method needs to be taken into consideration before a final selection is made.

Aside from adding value to the home with higher re-sale worth of great interest, the installation of this kind of flooring offers additional benefits including:

– Durable and long lasting gleam that lasts for years
– Easy staining and polishing
– Amazing overall appearance with attractive grains and patterns
– Easy to maintain
– Can be re-finished up to three times to match the interior styling preferences
– All-natural product which is eco-friendly
– Allergen free without dust build-up found in traditional carpeting material

This flooring is not just solid but also extraordinary. Excelling in all aspects like other hardwood flooring material, it is both versatile and durable even under high traffic conditions, keeping brilliance for many care-free years.

Recommended installation locations include bedrooms and dining rooms adding a sense of ease and comfort, peace and tranquility that are not found in other traditional hardwood flooring materials. The soft, rich tones of red oak are soothing and relaxing and yet remain durable, reliable and a hardwood flooring material that will continually endure the test of time.







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