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There are many brilliant reasons you might want to choose engineered wood flooring over solid wood floors. These days more home owners are selecting engineered wood floors because of them being made using a top layer of solid and also natural wood to enjoy the features, while having a variety of layers below, which are bonded with each other to give this flooring option the power, durability and stability you desire in your home while walking on your new flooring.

The first reason you might want to choose engineered wood flooring oak is that it’s looks and is completely normal. The top layer is natural wood, therefore you get the grain, all the characteristics you might get with a solid wood floor, obviously the benefit is that the engineered choices are slightly cheaper than the solid wood floors, which allows you to complete your flooring task within your budget.

Next you will discover these floors are exceptionally simple to clean, another reason why these are such a top selection. Simply sweep and after that mop the floor to keep it clean and also fresh. When you obtain your flooring, you’ll receive care instructions on what you need to and should not do to maintain your new floor looking as new for a long time to come.

If you or anybody in your family suffers with allergic reactions, then the engineered wood flooring oak is an effective choice to help keep allergic reactions at bay. Carpets are dirt and dust traps and unless you efficiently clean your carpets on a semi-regular time, even a regular quantity of vacuuming will not keep these clean. The vacuum can only clean up the top layers of the carpet, however the dust and dirt goes deep into the fiber’s which will set off allergies. This is an issue you don’t need to worry about when selecting wood flooring, when the floor looks a bit dusty, simply give it a mop to take away the dust and keep your property free of allergens.

It gives you a beautiful visual effect in any room in your home. The benefit to the engineered wood flooring in oak is the fact that you can use it in every room in the home, which includes the basement. This flooring is resistant to temperature and is the only flooring which may be installed over concrete to give that warmness and visual impact you happen to be looking to achieve.

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