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Puzzle Flooring

Flooring is normally not a design focus with regards to home and interior design. It might even be just an afterthought in many instances, but the designers of those puzzle floor coverings undoubtedly think otherwise!

Puzzle Floors

To them, a flooring is not just a surface that folks walk on – it can be a major design element. And this somewhat unusual perspective led to unique and stunning areas for people who have decided to treat their floors with unusual designs.

So if you might be looking to have a residence or room that will certainly standout from the rest, just forget about plain tiles, vinyl strips or even wood planks! Go for something unusual, like these puzzle floor ideas!

Simply because it’s a playful take on a kid’s toy, it doesn’t imply that it’s only for the kids’ room, their playroom or perhaps classroom. There are several puzzle-themed flooring designs out there to fit every taste, and this page will disclose a number of fantastic examples.

Check out our list below and also don’t forget to tell us the things you think! Do you desire any of these puzzle flooring for your home?

Irregular Puzzle Design

We couldn’t discover the original source or creator but here’s a puzzle flooring design that undoubtedly took a lot of intense work and patience! All parts seem to be unique from one another and the worm-like accent pieces are created with attention to detail!


This jigsaw puzzle flooring design could be perfect for the kids’ room or perhaps a game room. If you are intending to add a fun factor to a certain room, this floor idea is one fantastic option you can think about.

Sextant by Jamie Beckwith

Searching for something classy? This is only one of 12 patterns in Jamie Beckwith ‘s Enigma® wood floor collection, called the Sextant. “So plain, yet sophisticated, these sinuous curvatures move effortlessly across the floor, offering a dramatic foundation for almost any room.”

Puzzle by Barber and Osgerby

OK – those are not exactly puzzle pieces but floor tiles that nevertheless carry the same effect. With Edward Barber together with Jay Osgerby’s graphic designed tiles possible patterns are infinite, allowing for a really unique flooring. These Puzzle tiles are actually available in several colorings!

Escher Reptile Flooring by Arbore

They are wooden floor tiles by Spanish flooring Company Arbore. It had been a custom floor asked for by a client in Madrid in 2011 and also was motivated by MC Escher’s ‘Reptiles’ drawing.

Credits to The Owner-Builder Network.

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