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Wood floors are the most popular type of flooring found in the modern house, yet the average home owner lacks the idea on how to correctly treat or clean them. It seems as though it is instinctive to ensure that you sweep the floors and make sure these are properly installed, a surprising variety of people who have wood tiles use inappropriate methods of cleaning and keeping their floors. This results in a much more brittle and also less aesthetically pleasing outcome.

While wood tiles are resistant against staining from spills, they still need more than a paper towel to clean up. Long exposure to standing liquid may cause the flooring to swell and break, so it is crucial that you dry up any puddles to preserve the health of the wood. In order to stop any unwanted residue or perhaps bacteria from spilled liquid, it is very important to use a specialized cleaner. It can be tempting to just use standard dish soap, but this may strip the wood of its gloss and can easily lead to the same swelling that you have been trying to avoid. For the proper clean up job, it is advisable to use whatever solution is advisable by the flooring’s manufacture.

To ensure the durability of your wooden tiles, it is usually a good idea to verify the weight limits of wooden tiles. Many wood flooring can just support up to 300 pounds per square inch, therefore the pressure of the legs of furniture place on them could severely damage them. A method to mitigate this problem should be to purchase felt padding to position underneath the furniture to help deliver the weight to stop cracking. Felt padding may also prevent any scrapes in the wood as it will certainly soften the edges of the furniture’s feet.

Another often forgotten threat for wood tiles is the shoes, especially with a pointed heel, may leave terrible indents on your floor. The average stiletto high heel worn by a 100-pound woman can put in over 6000 pounds of force per square inch onto the hard wood floor, which could lead to scuffs, scratches, and damaged boards. The best way to complete avoid this risk would be to remove the offending shoes before walking onto the flooring, but if that is unstoppable its best to place the rug down where ever the footwear would hit to help spread the weight more evenly.

When working away at maintaining a home with wood floors, whether you might be renting and want to maintain your deposit, or are constructing the house of your dreams, it is necessary to maintain good care of your flooring. While a wood floor is much more durable than other flooring, without appropriate cleaners and weight measures the floor will need stable unnecessary repairs. To keep your home looking great, make sure to take care of your wood floors in order to always look brand new.

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