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According to a few research sources, commercial property selling prices are continuing to rise, while some insist the market is slowing. In either case, now could be an excellent time to consider if your present business premises is gonna be sufficient for your requirements over the next two or perhaps three years. The overall economy has meant some businesses appears to have been unable or unwilling to agree to moving to a larger or even more appropriate building.

After all, it is better to keep a task in an outdated building than to never have job at all. Nevertheless, there are signs of national economic recuperation and many companies are questioning if now is the best time to buy a new place of work, or even consider being a landlord. Foreign traders into British commercial property for sale also have this idea for some valuable time now, taking advantage of lower prices and helping knock values and stir up investment, particularly in the City of London.

Some businesses might also be motivated to purchase their own property due to the resultant rising rents, and not only in the capital but outside London and also beyond the M25. As the economy recovers you will have plenty of opportunity for individuals with their pulse on the property market to get the most from the upturn. A snapshot of values across the nation shows a predictable variation of the cost of commercial property for sale.

A number of canny company business executives also trawl residential building requirements for suitable premises for their operations – however change of use consent can make the buying procedure slightly more lengthy and even complicated.

Official house cost figures for July fell, based on the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), whose engineers recorded a glut of properties being offered for sale, which could account for the total price drop. “The fall in the RICS house cost measure is broadly consistent with many other recent data that was released,” said Ian Perry, RICS spokesman “Significantly, the onward looking price expectations statistics suggest that this softer trend will probably continue through the second half of the year. Nevertheless, agents are still usually optimistic about sales activity which will benefit from more realistic costs of properties.”

This means, currently, it could be a buyer’s market and also whether you are searching for commercial or residential properties, it is actually wise to keep a close attention on what’s occurring. More great news for business owners and their properties is the fact that the government is considering changes to Discretionary Business Rate Discounts to have them fairer.

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