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Few people give much thought to the design of business roofs, but they really should. It’s not all about style when it comes to planning and creating. The most cost-effective and time-saving utilization of available space is another benefit of a meticulous roof design approach. A specialized rooftop support system allows you to make the most of your rooftop space and provides a secure, well-organized working environment for building maintenance and management. Preventing accidents and damage to your roof through careful preparation is essential.

Plan Your Roofing

The roof is not just a location to put ugly or clunky machines that need to vent outside; this is the most crucial fact for facility managers to grasp. The roof is where the action is. Although it isn’t a typical workplace, it nevertheless requires the expertise of tradespeople, including plumbers, welders, electricians, roofing experts and roofing contractors.

This necessitates a more human-scaled approach to the design of rooftop machinery. This, at its most fundamental level, requires the creation of aisles large enough to accommodate the passage of individuals carrying various kinds of tools and supplies. Since it is preferable to reduce the amount of time that personnel spend on the roof, this will make it quick and easy for them to work (and move about) there.

Additionally, traffic lanes should preferably be set up away from the rim of the roof. Working near the edge of a roof without rails or safety harnesses violates CCOHS standards; thus, this helps contractors comply with these rules. To sum up, the contractors’ safety and productivity will improve if you provide them with excellent working space – and keep them away from the roof edge.

Planning and Designing Your Commercial Roofing | Merlin’s Roofing

Safeguard Your Workers and Costs

Eliminating obstacles for rooftop workers is made possible by strategically positioning cables, ducts and pipes. Climbing over anything is extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. This event is already challenging on the ground, but it may be lethal on the roof. A worker might be seriously injured by tripping over an obstruction only a few inches from the ground.

You’ll want to save money on roofing supplies, so preparing ahead is essential. Wires, pipelines, and HVAC ducts are all expensive necessities. To get the most out of these, you should position them in such a way that requires the least quantity of material to cover the entire structure.

Your rooftop HVAC unit, for instance, has specific placement requirements such as being installed over a roof beam for structural support; having adequate space for the unit itself; and leaving enough room for technicians to work around it. Therefore, you are dealing with substantial limitations right off the bat. Nonetheless, if you plan your installation carefully, you can save money on the ducting that connects the vents.

Use Rooftop Suspension Systems in Your Roof’s Design

Rooftop support systems allow employees to securely navigate barriers and access maintenance-requiring equipment, regardless of how limited the available roof space may be. This is because a roof with a support system effectively gives the top a third dimension. For instance, a cable tray or raised walkway can be used to move a cable run out of the way, so that it doesn’t obstruct a passageway that employees need to use.

Zero-penetrating roof access pathways are a specialty of Merlin’s Roofing, and these allow for more effective use of your commercial roof’s square footage. The safety of the workers is increased, expenses are reduced, and you can plan the rooftop infrastructure without strict respect to the available floor area. 
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