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Get the Kitchen Renovation You’ve Always Wanted

If you’re prepared to create the kitchen of your dreams, Tremblay Renovation will make it a reality. For more than three decades, we have brought our customers’ kitchen fantasies to reality. Whether you have lived in your home for years and are finally ready for a complete kitchen renovation, or you are moving into a new home that requires a significant kitchen improvement, our skilled team has the answers and streamlined services to exceed your expectations.

At Tremblay Renovation, we recognize the kitchen is the hub of your house, where you and your loved ones congregate to cook, share meals and converse. There is no reason to settle for a less welcoming, less useful or less attractive setting.

Tremblay Renovation handles all the important processes required to launch your kitchen project including:

  • Plumbing
  • Demolition
  • Flooring
  • All construction services for walls, windows and doorways
  • Removing and installing appliances
  • Painting
  • Removing and replacing backsplash tiles

Let our professional and trained renovation team offer you the greatest level of service and knowledge so the kitchen you want is realized.

Remove the Stress From Your Kitchen Renovation

Initiating a kitchen renovation might seem daunting, but we simplify the process. We will be there to guide you through every step of it so that you have peace of mind and the flexibility to design the kitchen of your dreams.
You will get excellent service if you choose Tremblay Renovation for your renovation project. You will never have to compromise or skimp on your kitchen investment which will provide you with years of happiness. Working with any ordinary general contractor, you will simply obtain kitchen design and supplies. In contrast, hiring our team for your renovation will give you comprehensive service.

Learn more:

Kitchen Solutions From Trusted Experts

We oversee your whole project, arranging the required trades and services for a successful renovation. We use the area’s finest electricians, plumbers, and construction crews to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Our seasoned designers and competent manufacturing team deliver kitchen renovation, design, and products of the highest caliber.

Kitchen Cabinets

Everything we make is made to order, plus made to fit your specific kitchen space. This means that you get the best cabinet options to help you make a kitchen that’s both useful and looks great.

Custom Cabinets

Change the cabinets to fit your needs and the needs of your home. Our skilled designers will look at your kitchen and talk to you about your needs and wants to develop custom cabinet solutions which make the most of your space and budget.

Kitchen Design

Our design team is driven by what you want when it comes to kitchen design. We find out exactly what you want, whether to keep the style you already have, or to give the kitchen a whole new look. Our experts will ensure that everything is taken care of, from easy access and smooth traffic flow to smart work zones, easy storage, and flexible multi-use areas. We try to make a room that makes you feel less stressed, helps you connect with others and wakes up your senses.

Modern Kitchens

Modern technological advances have led to high-tech appliances which should change how you set up your kitchen. We take this into account when designing your modern kitchen at Tremblay Renovation. A genuine modern kitchen will have clean lines, flat-panel cabinets, and a look and feel that is easy to keep. If you want a modern kitchen, our design team will help you keep up with the latest styles.

Take the First Step Today

When you call our office for the first time, you’ll find that we are sensitive to your needs and committed to your dream of renovating your kitchen. We try to make the process fun instead of stressful for you. If you need a new kitchen but don’t know what you want, we can help you devise a plan. A trip to our showroom will also give you a lot of ideas.
Call us in Ottawa now at (613) 748-9999 or visit online to set up your first meeting with our Design team.



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