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It is usual to have hardwood flooring in most rooms except for kitchen areas because of daily moisture on the floor that can possibly affect the durability of the wood material. A large number of homeowners like this certain type of flooring because it gives warmth and pleasant feel that creates additional value to their houses. It seems that harmful things might happen to the floor if you insist to install such flooring in your kitchen – for example, unnecessary cracks and warps on the floor due to the overly exposure to moisture.

Should you give up the idea of having a wooden floor in your kitchen or go ahead with the thought of installing it and ignore the unnecessary consequences when it is exposed to water?

You can in fact install hardwood flooring in your kitchen however you need to take note of a couple of things below:

pexels-photo-1005751. Choose such floors with polyurethane finish – Ensure that you choose flooring which has polyurethane finish, which has waterproof properties and it offers long-lasting effect. Additionally, such flooring requires minor waxing – perhaps 1-2 instances per year. Therefore, you should not choose unfinished flooring since unexpected wetting of kitchen floor could affect the lifespan of the flooring materials over a long period of your time.

2. Pick the right hardwood material – Kitchen is an area where inhabitants would frequently visit especially when an individual wants to prepare food, washing dishes and some other daily activities that can be done in the kitchen. Therefore, you must choose certain varieties of wood floors like ash, maple or perhaps oak which is tougher than cheery, fir and pine wood flooring.

3. Fix any potential holes, dings and dents on the flooring – Whenever you have discovered any holes, dings as well as dents on it, you have to mend the deformities of the floor before the problem gets worse when it will be exposed to high amount of fluid. It is prudent that you contact a floor repair service to deal with this particular issue.

4. Choose engineered hardwood floors – It is basically made from sandwich of several laminations of wood which consists of both finish wood ( on the surface ) as well as unfinished plywood ( underneath. Furthermore, it might tolerate high moisture conditions that are suitable to be installed in kitchen and also bathroom. Apart from that, it could be sanded in order to get rid of unwanted ding and dents, and also scratches on it but it could only be done a couple of times.

5. Ask assistance from flooring experts – Before you begin installing it in your kitchen, you have to seek professional guidance from flooring experts so that you could have a perfect kitchen flooring without worrying about the unwanted outcomes that could possibly ruin the whole flooring materials.

Hope that you can have your own preferred hardwood flooring in your kitchen area by considering these few points mentioned earlier. It is an even better option than tile flooring, that is much harder to sustain on a long-term basis.



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