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Why Does an Effective Marketing Plan Matter?

  1. One of the most important ways to add value to the listing process is through the marketing plan.
  2. Only 10% of listings for single-family homes had a floor plan.
  3. Best practices were followed by only 30% of the photos in the listings.
  4. 94% had no video or virtual home tour.
  5. You want to make sure that the listing stands out and is what buyers want to see immediately.

What Are the Steps to a Successful Marketing Strategy?

Identify the Home’s Unique Features

This includes how the home and neighborhood make you feel, where it is, and its history.

Pricing Strategy

You can use either price a bit above the market to leave room for negotiation or a little below the market to attract buyers and possibly get more than one offer. A real estate agent should know the area’s values so that any changes to the property or market changes can be considered.

Staging Consultation with a Professional

You can’t put a price on an experienced home stager who will help you sell your home faster and for more money. They can help you decide what repairs, colors, and changes to make to your furniture and decor.

Repairs and Preparing the House for Sale

Determine what repairs or improvements need to be made and either do them yourself or hire a contractor.

Professional Photography

For a professional photographer to take great photos with the right lighting, it is important to have the house ready and set up. When buyers look at a property listing, the photos are the first thing they see after the price.

Floor Plans and 3D Tours

Buyers start their search online, and if you offer a 3D tour and floor plan, they can get a feel for the property before and after seeing it in person. For a buyer from out of town, this may be one of the best ways to get a feel for the house.

Buyers are coming to expect that 3D tours and floor plans will be part of a listing. You can even stage a home digitally with something called “virtual staging.” Just make sure to include pictures of the house itself as well.

Video and Virtual Tours Can be Done

A video walk-through or narrated virtual tour can show details about a property that a 3D tour or floor plan can’t fully show.

Drone Photography and Video

Aerial photos and videos show the house and neighborhood in a way only a drone can. This is like a video or virtual tour. This is especially helpful if there is a park or water nearby or if the home has a unique property.

Post the list on social media and networking sites

As the seller, you should do this with your friends, neighbors, and real estate agent or through their office.

Retargeting Ad Campaign

Remarketing is when you use a pixel from Google to record the IP address of a person who visits one of your properties. This lets you keep in touch with them after they’ve been there.

Traditional Real Estate Signage in the Yard

Buyers need to know that your house is for sale, and your neighbors may know friends or family who want to move close to them and can help you.

Make a Listing Book for your Open House or Prospective Buyers

This could include:

  • Photographs of the house and grounds
  • A list of distinguishing characteristics or enhancements to the property, together with their respective costs
  • Seller disclosures
  • Details about the surrounding area

A Good Marketing Plan Ought to Be Either Reviewed or Updated Once Weekly.

You need to know what sells and stay in touch with people who might be interested in buying. Your real estate agent should also let you know how well they’re doing with marketing once a week.

Benefits of an Effective Marketing Plan

  • An increase in the number of potential purchasers interested in your home
  • Less time on the market.
  • An increase in the overall average selling price

What kind of Assistance Can I Expect from a Real Estate Professional When Staging My Home?

A real estate professional will have a way to make sure that a good marketing plan is fully put into action, measured, and works.

A real estate professional will have a network of other professionals, such as a home stager, contractors for repairs, photographers, virtual tour production companies, companies that do professional printing of marketing materials for the real estate industry, and other real estate professionals.

A real estate agent should talk to clients weekly about how the marketing plan is going.

Why an Effective Marketing Strategy Is Necessary to Sell a Home in San Ramon

Studies have shown that most homes for sale don’t have a good marketing plan or pictures that show the floor plan.

To sell your home, you can do things like stage it, get professional photos, make virtual tours or floor plans, and spread the word in print and online.

Finally, a real estate agent will have access to a network of other knowledgeable real estate professionals that can assist you in achieving the outcomes you want from selling your home.
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