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Hardwood and carpet floors are two of the most prominent kinds of floors in the world. The two kinds of floors differ in various ways:


Hardwood is a lot more impressive than carpet. Given that the wood is all-natural, your home will appear more high class and luxurious. For best results you should make sure that you finish the floor in the best way possible.


Although many people feel that they are able to clean the carpet perfectly, this is not the case. When carpets get stains, the stains soak in and stay permanently. Dust and dirt get attracted to the stains and get caught in the fiber which makes it impossible for you to clean the carpet perfectly. Hardwood on the other hand has a smooth, solid surface that can be wipe easily. There is nowhere on the surface where dirt and dust can hide hence making it easy for you to take care of the floor.

Allergic reaction

Since carpet can attract dust and microorganisms, the dust can affect you especially if you are fond of having allergic reactions. With hardwood, you do not have to worry of allergic reactions since dust does not settle on the surface. If there is dust you just simply need to wipe or sweep the surface clean and you will be good to go.


Carpet carries the day with regards to comfort is concerned. The great thing about carpet is that it is soft thus it feels great on your bare feet. The comfort feels great in the bedroom, living room, and children’s room. In addition to being soft, it is also warm therefore you will not have to worry of your feet getting cold especially during the cold months of the year. The carpet not only acts as a blanket for your feet, it also helps in insulating your room thus ensuring that warmth stays indoors and does not slip out. Hardwood floor on the other hand is not as comfortable and cozy as the carpet. It also does not insulate your home from cold.


Hardwood is expensive by all means. The great thing about it is that it will last for years when you take good care of it.


These are some of the factors in which hardwood floor differs from carpet floor. If you are wondering whether you should install hardwood or carpet, the best way is installing both. You should install hardwood in high traffic areas like kitchen and hallway and then install carpet floor in the bedroom and other low traffic areas.



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