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A polished hardwood floors are so stunning to behold. Beyond the beauty it possesses, hardwood floors also raise the value of any home, provides versatility in home decorating and has health benefits. Hardwood floors are available in a wide range of styles and designs. The durability of hardwood has been improved because of advances in technology procedures. Homeowners prefer the appearance and simplicity of hardwoods.

Hardwood floors compliment any home décor however there are certain factors you must consider before deciding to install hardwood flooring. These factors will guarantee that you choose and install the perfect hardwood types of flooring for your home. Listed below are the 3 very important factors that you should consider.

– Floor Traffic expectations – You have to consider the traffic expectations on the floors before going for any hardwood floor. There are specific areas of the home where lots of traffic are expected. In such areas, you must select the species of wood that have a high hardness ranking. The Janka-scale can be used to determine the hardness. Therefore, the more traffic you are expecting in the place where you have to install the hardwood, the “harder” the wood will be needed to install on the floor.

– Sub flooring – You have to make sure that the sub floor underneath is suitable for the hardwood. The sub floor must be stable, durable, dry and level to match any kind of hardwood flooring that will be put in place. Laminate hardwoods are going to be perfect for concrete sub floors.

– Humidity and temperature – You also have to consider the relative humidity and temperature of the place you want to install the hardwood. Bad climatic condition can cause warping and cupping of the hardwood types of floors. Therefore, you must ensure that the place in which hardwood floors are installed is well-ventilated. It will interest you to know that laminate flooring can be best installed in a place with higher humidity levels.

Beautiful hardwood floors are going to be a great investment to any home. You just have to choose the right hardwood flooring for your home.



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