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Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina, is found in Mecklenburg County. Despite the fact that this region has not been hit as hard by the recession as some other states have until recently, they nevertheless have a few houses that have gone into the foreclosure group.

Currently, there are 7,561 houses in foreclosure in the state of North Carolina, with Mecklenburg County stating only 1,270. Charlotte possesses 1,168 of those homes at this point in foreclosure.

Interest rates are less than they have been in many years, but who knows how long they are going to stay that way. If you were thinking of owning your own residence, and investing in your upcoming days, now is the time to buy a property in Charlotte.

The largest attention of foreclosed home for sale in Charlotte North Carolina seem to be located around Charlotte’s central area. Many of these are located in the Mount Holly region. The foreclosed home in this field are listed from $40,000 to over $100,000, with estimated prices ranging from $70,000 to over $150,000

There are as well foreclosed home for sale close to Lake Wylie close to Pine Harbor. All these homes range in cost from $100,000 to 200.000 and are just a short drive to the center of Charlotte.

Charlotte provides much to offer one who happens to be considering benefiting from the low interest rates and also becoming a resident of The Queen City in North Carolina. For recreation, you can find everything from theatre to NASCAR. Charlotte also offers the distinction of being the nations following largest financial center.

In the event that looking for a home, whether or not a resident, or coming from an additional town or state, get in touch with one of Charlotte’s local real estate agents. Allow the agent know what kind of home you are searching for. Ask the agent about the foreclosed houses in the area. If you happen to be unfamiliar with the Charlotte and her environment, let the real estate agent be aware of your wants and needs, including the distance you require from a school or even business. There are a lot of rural areas that get homes for sale as well. If country living is exactly what you seek, inform your neighborhood Charlotte real estate agent of land size, house size, as well as barns.

With several houses in foreclosure which have an estimated value of over double what they are worth, along with the interest rates so low, getting a home in Charlotte as a primary residence, getaway home, or as a financial commitment, only makes a wise practice.

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