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What to Expect from the Summer Real Estate Market

In case we were to choose one word to express the spring real estate industry, it would be “over-heated”. The spring selling period has been full of bidding wars as well as huge price increases. If you happen to know anyone who’s bought or sold this springtime, no doubt you’ve discovered a few interesting tales about our crazy market.

However real estate is focused on the seasons, and at this time our over-heated spring market is providing way to a more steady summer market. Lots of real estate gets purchased and sold in the summertime, however at a slower pace compared to the spring period.

How does this shift influence buyers and sellers?

If perhaps you’re still planning to purchase or sell in 2017, it’s vital that you view the summertime as its very own unique season. Competing offers as well as bidding wars will be less common this summer season. There’s still a large amount of pent up demand for a limited availability of real estate, but the industry will be a little less wild in June, July and August.

3 Strategies for Sellers in the Summer Market

Here are some tips for sellers in the summer real estate market.

Tip 1: Cost analytically, not anecdotally. You may have heard of the seller down the street who received a dozen offers this spring and sold his property for more than $20,000 above the listing. This one story may possibly tempt you to shoot for the moon and then choose your own tremendous price. Avoid the temptation to over-price according to one person’s story of the spring market. Rather, do your homework by inquiring your real estate agent to carry out a thorough market study for your home.

Tip 2: Do not skip steps when the time arrives for preparation. Media headlines may possibly lead you to believe that all you have to do is stick a sign in your own yard and name your selling price. The fundamentals still apply in a seller’s marketplace.

Tip 3: Never skip steps when referring to marketing. Even in a seller’s market you will need strong marketing. Beautiful snap shots are an essential part of an excellent marketing plan. This article explains how you can take full advantage of your photos and optimize your home’s exposure to the market.

3 Tips for Buyers in the Summer Market

Here are 3 tips for buyers in this year’s summer market.

Tip 1: Modernize and re-focus your efforts. In case your goal is to discover your dream home, in that case commit yourself to making it happen. You will need to make sacrifices. For example, you might need to interrupt your work period and schedule an instantaneous showing when a brand new listing hits the MLS. On another event you may need to avoid your afternoon work-out. The most important consideration is you’ll need to sacrifice schedules and have a inclination toward urgency in order to flourish in this market.

Tip 2: Seek the services of a strong buyer agent. You will need a strong buyer agent or even buyer agent team in a minimal inventory market. Do you have someone who’s functioning proactively to find your upcoming home? Does she have the ability and expertise to help you attain your end-goal? Having the right buyer agent will make all the difference in a seller’s market.

Tip 3: Be proactive, not reactive. Tend not to wait for listings to come to you. Venture out and find them. Either you and your agent ought to be in action mode. The summer industry offers a second chance at finding your dream home, nevertheless you’ll need to work very hard to make it happen.



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