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Refinishing your flooring can be a great way to save a lot of money. That is definitely less expensive than replacing these types of floors. Hardwood refinishing is easier than laminate floor refinishing.

There is certainly a difference between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. Hardwood is real wood while laminate is in fact a picture of wood on a melamine base. You cannot simply refinish hardwood floors and laminate floors the same way without making any disastrous results.

Refinishing Hardwood

Refinishing hardwood flooring is a lot easier than it sounds. Tips for refinishing hardwood flooring include using of the right equipment. Most people make the mistakes of using the wrong equipment just trying to get the job done and end up getting frustrated.

There are a few things that you will need in your equipment list:

• Fine Grain Sandpaper
• Sanding Machine (depends on the area to be refinished will determine the size)
• Cheesecloth
• Stain
• Polyurethane
• Protective Goggles
• Rubber Gloves

It is very important to start with a clean surface; therefore you should vacuum the floor before you begin the refinishing process (keep the vacuum out since you will need it again after sanding). The goal is to remove the top layer without gouging the wood, which means you need to set the sander on low and take your time when you sand the floor.

As soon as you equally sand the entire area to be refinished, use the vacuum and rub over the floor with cheesecloth to make sure you do not leave any dust or dirt behind. Apply the stain, and wait for 24 hours after which apply the top coat or you can stain again if you do not get the color you expect. It is pretty easy to refinish a wood floor.
Refinishing Laminate

Refinishing wood floors include the usage of a fine grain sand paper and selecting fine stains which are all good tips, however they do not apply to laminate flooring. There can be a little room for error with laminate flooring, so using sandpaper is a no-no.

Refinishing laminate flooring involves stain and some sealer like clear polyurethane. If you try to sand away at laminate flooring, you will definitely sand into the melamine base.

The most effective practice is prevention. It is advisable to treat the laminate with a clear top coat sealer to prevent any sort of damage to the floor than trying to refinish the surface after the damage is done.



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