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Does bamboo flooring increase home values

Based on the latest report, the series of a recent slow real estate market along with the desire of buyers to reduce costs and also help the environment as well is developing a green home building boom that many say might be worth $114 billion by 2016.

“In the current residential market, there is an enormous need to differentiate your homes for consumers,” says Harvey Bernstein, Vice President of Industry Insights and Alliances at McGraw-Hill Construction. “When builders are able to offer homes that not only are green, but also offer the combination of higher quality and better value, they have a major competitive edge over those building traditional homes.”

In line with 46% of contractors with more than $1 million in income, better environmental value creates more monetary value for customers. Green homes, in short, are easier to market with potential customers looking to pay more for green materials as well as renovations.

Does bamboo flooring increase home values

How Flooring Boosts the Value of Your House

Overall, home renovating projects are able to add value to your house with some projects putting more value than others. Those restoration projects that add the most value are those that many others perceive as monetarily valuable, and emotionally beneficial, which enables it to spend top dollar for.

There is certainly a good balance that must be struck with a renovating project that will in fact financially repay for you and one that could emotionally pay off with clients – that’s the ideal win/win scenario. Simply because literally each and every part of your house needs flooring, it will be clearly perceived as probably the most essential structures of the house and judged critically by property buyers. If you are able to find a flooring material that appears stunning without cracking your bank, as well as a material that hits a high emotional chord – you’ll find a flooring solution that will boost the total value of your house.

Why Installing Bamboo Floors Particularly Boosts the Value of Your House

As we mentioned before, the trend toward a greener real estate market is a craze that can’t be disregarded; not if you happen to be in the market to sell your property anytime soon. Besides installing Energy Star appliances, among the simplest and best ways you can green up your home and increase its market price, and its emotional value, would be to install bamboo floors.

Bamboo, on the contrary, being a grass, can regenerate within 3-5 years making it the significantly greener flooring option. This fact alone will attract those buyers desiring to buy as green homes as possible.

Does Bamboo Flooring Increase Home Values?

But the advantages of bamboo flooring and its capability to boost house values don’t stop there. Bamboo not just has the same potential to warm up any room as typical hardwood, but its unique beauty offers a visual attraction that will set your house apart from others for sale in your local area.

Finally, let’s discuss the cost. Bamboo floors are incredibly affordable, usually costing quite a bit lower than regular hardwood floors per square foot.

Does the bamboo floor boost house values? In short, yes!



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