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Types of Sunrooms 

Sunrooms have developed into various styles and uses such as three-season, four-season, and year-round sunrooms. Although not real sunrooms, you may also explore four-track vinyl porch enclosures and conservatories. Here are the most significant distinctions between your sunroom alternatives:

Three-Season Sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms are constructed and intended for use in the spring, summer, and autumn. They often use less costly and lighter materials which let light in for a while, preventing wind and precipitation. Three-season sunrooms are also intended to give protection from direct sunlight and summertime cooling. 

Typically, three-season sunrooms are not insulated nor equipped with supplemental heating. They may have fans to circulate the air and give some respite from the heat. They may also utilize temporary room heaters to combat chilly spring mornings and crisp autumn evenings.

Four-Track Vinyl Porch Enclosures

A four-track vinyl porch enclosure is a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for a sunroom that can enlarge your living area (and enable you to enjoy the outside environment). Instead of glass, the four-track stacking window casing is composed of vinyl. This material protects you and others from ultraviolet radiation while allowing natural light to enter your sunroom. 

These four-track vinyl windows have the following outstanding characteristics:

  • Custom sizes for the windows to accommodate your current patio or outdoor area. 
  • Professionals can install four-track windows horizontally or vertically to give your sunroom the optimal appearance and fit. 
  • Each window panel is outfitted with a complete fiberglass mesh screen, enabling you to enjoy the weather.  
  • Installation of a four-track vinyl porch enclosure is much quicker than other patio sunroom choices. 
  • The window panels are resistant to damage. 
  • A 5-year guarantee on your new four-track porch enclosure.

Four-Season Sunrooms

As the name implies, these sunrooms are used throughout the whole year. Imagine decorating your sunroom with a Christmas tree and unwrapping gifts. There are no seasonal restrictions with four-season sunrooms since they are constructed to withstand the full power of nature throughout the year. 

The primary distinction between three- and four-season sunrooms is their heat resistance and insulating capability. These are tougher, sturdier extensions made with double-paned glass that may have specialized treatments such as inert, argon-filled cavities or low-emissivity coatings. 

Additionally, the roofs, walls, and doors of four-season sunrooms provide enough insulation and protection against the environment. Numerous year-round sunrooms seem to be an extension of the primary residence; they have identical roofs with overhangs and utilize the same siding materials. 

Knee- or low-height walls distinguish four-season sunrooms from the main building. Knee walls are typically two feet tall and provide room for electrical outlets and baseboard heaters. Additionally, as much continuous wraparound glass as is structurally feasible is frequently used. While most roofs are concrete and lack glass panels, skylights are typically placed strategically to catch the light.

High-Quality Sunroom Contractor

Choosing a Reliable, High-Quality Sunroom Contractor 

Choosing a sunroom contractor may be the most important aspect of designing your home addition. High-quality, trustworthy contractors charge reasonable fees for the services they earn. By no means are all sunroom contractors created equal. Examine a sunroom contractor as thoroughly as you would investigate the desired design and materials. 
NYCO Renovations in Moncton (Dieppe) takes great satisfaction in being a reputable contractor for sunrooms. As a result of the diversity of our client’s requirements, we provide a comprehensive selection of sunroom additions. Call us at (506) 866-3996 or visit us online today.



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