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Bamboo flooring possesses many advantages over other kinds of flooring and is quickly turning into widespread among homeowners, architects and commercial designers. Bamboo is an extremely long lasting, eco-friendly and cost efficient floor covering that yet adds the warmth, character and also beauty of a natural item.

Long lasting quality

All sorts of bamboo flooring are long lasting and considered a comparable strength to Oak flooring. There is certainly one particular kind of bamboo flooring ( Strand Woven Bamboo ) which is exceptionally strong and heavy-duty due to the way in which it is often constructed, and is over double as hard as Pine, making it a great option for high traffic areas in household properties, and a common flooring for commercial developments.

Not just is bamboo flooring hardwearing, additionally it is dimensionally stable, meaning that it could withstand changes in temperature and moisture, and can be fitted in lots of different ways over almost every subfloor:

  • Bamboo flooring can be put up in conservatories or rooms with a large amount of glazing.
  • You have the personal choice of floating your bamboo surface over an underlay or fixing it into position.
  • You may install your bamboo surface over any subfloor that has been correctly prepared.
  • Most types of bamboo flooring surfaces can be used with underfloor heater.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

Bamboo is a renewable quick growing grass that reaches growth within around five years (compared to hard wood trees that can dominate 25 years to mature). As soon as the bamboo crop has already been harvested, it continues to grow from the bottom so does not need to be re-planted, that makes it a sustainable and environment-friendly floor covering.

Some of our bamboo flooring surfaces are 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), meaning the whole process from the forest to the provider have undertaken checks to make sure that they are not adding to the devastation of the forest or bordering local villages. When you notice the FSC logo, you can make sure that :

  • You can purchase the bamboo with a crystal clear conscience, knowing that it will be truly environmentally friendly.
  • The bamboo continues to be allowed to regenerate naturally, and continues to be harvested in such a way to make sure a healthy ecological fairness is maintained.
  • Parts of the bamboo forest are actually protected to ensure that any kind of rare plants or wildlife are looked after.
  • Local workers are being used to manage the forest, given a suitable salary, trained accordingly and provided safety equipment in order to assist their local community.

Easy to deploy and preserve

Bamboo flooring can simply be installed by either loose laying it over an underlay or by repairing it into position. Most types of bamboo flooring can be obtained with a click fitting system, which makes it even easier and a lot more straight forward to install.

Bamboo floors are very simple to maintain and look after. They must be swept using a smooth brush and then cleansed with a wooden floor cleaning treatment and microfibre mop. Any water leaks or accidents need to be easily wiped away immediately to prevent the liquid soaking into the flooring surfaces. You can prevent harm to your bamboo floor pulling out shoes before walking on it and also applying felt protector dressings to the bottom of furniture and weighty objects.

Bamboo floors are as well ideal for allergy sufferers since they do not collect dust and also dirt particles like rugs do. It is additionally resistant to mold and fungus that can grow in several deep pile carpets.

Economical natural flooring

Bamboo flooring is a cost efficient and inexpensive alternative to hard wood, whilst still offering the attractiveness and elegance of a natural item. It can generally be located for about a third less expensive than an average hard wood floor. The great thing regarding bamboo flooring is that it has available in a type of different styles, colors and completes making it easy to choose an object that will complement any huge or small space. From the authentic golden color of bamboo to a darkish coffee carbonized color or possibly a grey bamboo floor, there are numerous options to choose from. We also include matching moldings and flooring equipment that are sure to assist you add the finishing touches to your living space.

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