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Adam Kalkin Container House

Adam Kalkin Container House in Califon, New Jersey, is 3 shipping containers wide by 2 shipping containers high. Glass on 2 sides enables sufficient light to shine in, along with the industrial materials continue throughout, with a concrete floor and then metal beams and columns. Rustic fir flooring and also mahogany closing doors ensures it does work well in its wooded environment.

Maziar Behrooz Container House

Maziar Behrooz Architecture created this 840-square-foot art studio beside the client’s house during the summer enclave of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. They used 2 shipping containers that had been painted dark charcoal to match up the main house ; both suit into the surrounding woods.

Modern Lake Container House

Modern Lake House in Bloomingdale, New Jersey consists of 4 shipping containers, the wood siding makes an elegant and significantly more natural look that masks the corrugated metal of the container boxes.

Patrick Bradley shipping container home Northern Ireland

Patrick Bradley Shipping Container Home in Northern Ireland is demonstrating a fire-engine red exterior, this contemporary home was developed out of 8 shipping containers, which equal to 208 square meters of well-lit living space.

Office, guest bedroom shipping container in San Francisco, California

Office, guest bedroom shipping container in San Francisco, California. Instead of commit to living particularly in a container, we definitely see the attraction of incorporating 1 or 2 boxes as guest rooms or perhaps home offices.

Ecotech Design Shipping Container House in Mojave Desert

Ecotech Design Shipping Container House in Mojave Desert. Glamorously designed, the white corrugated metal container home stretches from the exterior walls into an incredibly textural, industrial interior.



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