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Your residence is likely the largest economical investment you have, therefore it makes sense to carefully select the best agent to represent you if you sell it. The best real estate agent will certainly walk you through the whole procedure, showcase your home in the ideal light, give you feedback from performance and open houses, as well as let you know in case you should accept a buyer’s offer up front or maybe negotiate for a higher cost.

It’s a good idea to speak with more than one listing agent before you decide to sign on with one. As you’re interview listing agents, ask these types of questions so you can determine which agent will certainly best help you sell rapidly and for the most money potentially.

  1. What’s Your Real Estate Experience?

A listing agent having been in real estate for many years or has sold lots of properties has seen all sorts of scenarios. If this agent has prevail over challenging home-selling hurdles before, he or she will be able to avoid or mitigate these types of stressful situations during your home transaction, should they arise.

  1. What’s Your Sale-to-List-Price Ratio?

This percentage will show you if this agent consistently sells homes near to or over the list price, that may be the price that’s set whenever the home goes on market.

  1. What exactly are Your Average Days on Market Statistics?

In other words, how rapidly do sellers’ homes go under contract with this particular agent? Agents who sell houses quickly often use sophisticated marketing or advertising strategies and are highly skilled negotiators.

  1. How—And Precisely how Often—Will You Contact Me?

How frequently does the agent you’re interviewing offer updates or check in with his or her vendors? The best real estate agent keeps you updated about everything that’s taking place with your listing—and contact you over your preferred way of communication, whether it’s email, phone call, or even text.

  1. When will you be Available?

If you contact your own listing agent after office hours or perhaps on the weekend, is your agent gonna get back to you before Monday morning? When you work regular 9-to-5 hours, getting connected to an agent who also just works those hours might turn to be difficult or inconvenient.

  1. How Do You Decide to Market My Home?

Marketing is crucial for getting your listing in front of just as many buyers as possible, such as those searching online for properties, looking at magazine and newspaper advertisements, and driving by homes which are for sale. During the interview stage, ask for the specifics of every agent’s marketing plan.

  1. Can You Provide Me at Least Three References?

Request the agent you’re interviewing for testimonies from past home sellers—which can include over the internet reviews or video testimonials—or a summary of references. Call the agent’s past clients and also ask general questions regarding their experiences to get an idea of the agent’s comprehension, helpfulness, and tech-savviness.



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