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Laminated wood floors are desired by most people

The reason is that laminated floors look so remarkable and are low-priced. Furthermore, they are well known for their durability, variety of colours and price. Their maintenance is quite low as compared to other types of flooring. Despite of its capabilities and benefits, the thing that matters people the most is the shine of laminate that will lose after some time, as dirt and dust builds up. You can neither wax the laminate nor use any cleaning agent to restore the shine, unlike wooden floors. Listed below are some tips and tricks that will help you restore the shine of your laminated wood floors.

Use vinegar on the floors

If you wish to restore the shine to laminated wood floors, you need to rub the floor with a rag dipped in white vinegar right until the shine is restored. If this technique work and restores the shine effectively, then you should certainly take proper care in cleaning the floor. This method will not likely work, if the shine disappeared because of wear. In such cases, you must use a reputed shine restoration product. Consider not to use vinegar in abundance, as it may damage the laminate.

Clean with Ammonia

Ammonia is also a wonderful substance that can be used to clean laminated floors. Ammonia can help you remove stains of chocolate, wine, juice and other liquids effectively. It is recommended to mix ammonia with water and use it on the laminated floor.

Restoring the Shine of Laminated Wood Floors

Laminate floor polish

There are lots of companies that produce floor polish. All you have to to do is buy a floor polish meant for laminated wood floors and apply it on the floor, starting from the corner of the room. Spread the polish across the floor by making use of a clean mop (Check out this Best Mops for Wood Floor Cleaning). Make sure to spread it evenly across the floor and let it dry according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Apply 1-2 coats if necessary and avoid walking on the polished floor at least for 24 hours.

Always provide protection to laminated wood floors

There are many reasons why the laminated wood floor loses its shine over a period of time. Dirt and grease make the floor dull and dim. You can possibly make the laminated wood floor amazing by keeping it from dirt and grime.

The following steps listed below can protect the laminated wood floor in your house:

  • Use indoor and outdoor mats at every entrance of your home.
  • Be sure that each and every member of your family wear slippers inside the house.
  • Clean the spills right after they occur.
  • You can make use of protectors on the bottom of furniture in the house.
  • Make sure that the rooms are properly ventilated, so that the laminated floors do not get humid and moist.
  • Use only cleaners that are made specifically for laminated wood flooring.
  • Avoid using Murphy oil or Pine solution, since it makes the laminated floors dull and streaky.

By following the above guidelines, you can prevent the laminated wood floor from losing its shine and beauty.



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