Looking for fashionable and practical bathroom renovation ideas? You can choose anything from contemporary, fashionable bathroom designs to a traditional, spacious white bathroom. The idea is to consider both the utility and architecture of your property. As a leading bathroom renovations contractor, we have compiled a list of the top 10 bathroom renovation designs including space-maximizing ideas, practical enhancements, and the newest hardware, colours and styles. Read on to make an educated decision about your bathroom renovation.

10 Popular Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Inspire You 

Apply Black

Black is a striking colour which can bring a sense of sophistication and luxury to any room. Consider adding modest elements such as mirror frames, light fixtures, and more to produce a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic in your bathroom renovation. For a more ominous appearance, you can add dark roofs and walls. If you are overwhelmed by an all-black colour palette, use a monochromatic style. 

Convenient Design and Storage

The key to a good bathroom renovation is functionality. Ask your bathroom renovator to assist you in selecting designs which are both attractive and functional. Incorporate concepts that will allow you to fit all you need in the room without altering its arrangement.

Wooden Accents

If you like a vintage or spa-inspired bathroom, wooden accents are an ideal alternative. Discuss with your professionals the wide variety of wood and which would best fit your demands and aesthetic preferences. You can include warm wood tones in your home or install a hardwood floor.

High-Tech Accessories

In bathroom renovation ideas, the incorporation of technology has grown more common. You may include jetted shower columns, ultra-modern lighting, heated flooring and more in your renovation designs. Backlit mirrors are also an excellent option for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Artistic Accents

To give your bathroom a luxurious air, you might use artistic objects. Include a feature wall, or work with patterns like flowers, and integrate vibrant hues to enhance the visual impact of your room. To create the desired aesthetic, you may also hang paintings, geometrical or asymmetrical mirrors and other works of art.

Tile Patterns

You can personalize your bathroom tiles with distinctive forms and appealing patterns. You may choose from diamonds, hexagons, fish scales, and other captivating patterns. Additionally, explore several textures that complement your custom bathroom renovation ideas. You can pick from various tile alternatives to give a “wow element” to your room, including tiles with geometric patterns, unusual forms and rough-hewn edges. In addition, choose countertop materials with a premium aesthetic in mind.

Splashes of Colour

Adding colour to the bathroom can make it more appealing and distinctive. If done properly, this can help you attain a sophisticated and attractive appearance. In addition to the walls, equipment (such as a teal sink or a blue tub) may be used to get the desired effect. You can select any colour for your design, from deep jewel tones to gentle pastels and vibrant colours.

Home Spa

Discuss at-home spa bathroom ideas with your renovations contractor if you want your bathroom to evoke a spa’s opulent and calming atmosphere. The intention is to create a design which embraces nature by using river stones, wooden accents or flooring, subdued lighting, gentle patterns and plants. In addition, have an open area with a large, deep-soaking bathtub to complete the spa effect.

Open Showers

Along with large bathtubs, modern homeowners want open showers with concealed drains. You could include a roomy shower enclosure in your bathroom renovation project. You can also install a tub if the open shower occupies a substantial amount of your bathroom. If your bathroom is tiny, this is a great method to create the appearance of extra space.

Open Concept Bathroom Design

In addition to an open shower, your customized bathroom renovation design may also include an open concept bathroom. This bathroom renovation plan is ideal for contemporary architecture.

The Best Custom Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa

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